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We ought to celebrate… May 16, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends, personal life.

My dear friend Phaedra just graduated, and I completed a really important project and phase in my life, so celebrations are most definitely in order. Since (as you can imagine) my weekend is absolutely insane, I have tried to keep a couple of spots free. So, my Saturday and Sunday morning look fairly free (Sunday night is booked, as all of you who read my blog will know) and so is tonight (as C, B and L are going to take me out for dinner). But if you guys happen to be free on Saturday or Sunday morning, either send me an email, send me a message on Twitter or simply drop a comment here, and maybe we could organize an impromptu Bloggers Brunch to celebrate, well, many things (the fact that we have decent weather for once, I would say is one good reason!).

Thanks also to Rebecca for organizing the impromptu Tweetup/dinner celebration last night at La Bodega, and to Ianiv, Arieanna, Gus and LM and MAG for joining. I did miss a lot of people but hey, celebration week is just beginning! I also suggested that maybe we could do a Monday day-trip. If you haven’t checked Rebecca’s series on Day Trips, I suggest you do that RIGHT NOW.

And to everyone who has Twittered “congratulations”, if I haven’t acknowledged it yet is because I’m just catching up 🙂

Have a wonderful Victoria weekend everyone!


1. PatZ - May 17, 2008

congrats on the defense! i shall raise a glass of boiled water to you coz thats pretty much what i have to drink.

2. Phaedra - May 17, 2008

thanks for the mention Raul! You blew me away at your defense with your presence and ability to handle whatever questions the panel threw at you….with a smile on your face! I am so proud of you! Check my flickr, as I have a couple of pics of you, looking all suave in your little brown suit.

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