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RockBand-ing with friends May 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends, music, Vancouver, Yaletown.

I am not usually a computer game guy, mostly because I really wasn’t crazy about PacMan growing up. Up until when JT got his Wii and I played Wii Tennis with him, I really didn’t care much for videogames or computer games. However, along came Tanya and Rock Band, and my view towards videogames changed completely. There are two intrinsic elements here that make playing Rock Band with Tanya and her friends so awesome. First, Tanya herself is an outstanding host, and a great friend. We have awesome conversations every time I come by and visit, and she makes sure everyone is having a great time. The second, all of Tanya’s friends are awesome, which makes it very easy for everyone to enjoy hanging out.

Anyhow, last Friday, after having been taken out to dinner and dessert by C, B and L (which I’ll summarize later in my blog), I asked Tanya if I could come by as she had a gathering with friends for martinis and playing Rock Band. I am horribly computer-game-challenged, but I try hard. The great advantage with Rock Band is that even though I’m not a great singer, the different songs that I have been singing along every time I’ve played RB at Tanya’s have given me a sense of confidence that I can do a fairly decent job if I’m on vocals (I am horribly bad at bass or guitar, and don’t even get me started on the drums).

Anyway, in honor of a great evening on Friday playing Rock Band with Vern, Tanya, LB, Jeremy and other friends of Tanya’s, here is the video of what I think is my best song (when I’m on vocals) while playing Rock Band: Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones. The video shown is the Rock Band version on Expert. Of course, I never do vocals on Expert!

The second video is not a song that I’ve played along on Rock Band but if I had it my way, it would be the song that I would sing along to: You Look so Fine by Garbage. Warning: The video may not be Safe For The Office (SFO).

I’ve sang along to “I Think I’m Paranoid” on RB and yes, I can hold my own with this song, but really not my song. But this one… oh yeah, for sure. Although it’s not really rock-band-ish. Now, the question is on to you… if you had to play Rock Band, what song would YOU sing?

IMPORTANT EDIT – How could I forget that I *did* sing Creep by Radiohead and did not sound 100% horribly? Not sure but here is the song (not my rendition though!)



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