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The clash of two worlds: Enviro-geek or social media geek? May 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, environment, Green Drinks, local events, Third Tuesday, Vancouver.

I have repeatedly mentioned that social media is going to have to land me my next job. I want to work on something that will allow me to bridge two somewhat different worlds. Well, the only problem is that this coming week, events of both worlds overlap, and I feel somewhat conflicted (although I’m going to be honest and admit that I’ve made my choices already).

Tuesday May 20th
Environmental event
Living Car Free Cafe – Climate Cafes
Bean Around the World [Main and Broadway] @ 7pm

Tuesday May 20th
Social media event
Darren Barefoot’s talk – Third Tuesday
Century Restaurant [Seymour and Hastings] @ 7pm

I’ve decided to attend Darren’s talk. But if anyone goes to the Climate Cafe, could you please summarize and e-mail me? I’m more than happy to post it as a guest post.

Wednesday May 20th
Environmental event
Green Drinks Vancouver – Wrap up party for 30 days of sustainability
Steamworks @ 5.45pm

Wednesday May 20th
Social media event
LaunchParty IV
Republic [on Granville] @ 5.30pm

I’ve also made the decision to come by to Launch Party for about an hour, go to Green Drinks for another and then come back to Launch Party. It’s going to be a challenging evening but hey, that’s why I’m called hummingbird, right? 😉

I am hoping that in the future, I won’t have two days in a row with important events from both of the worlds I am trying to meld clashing. In the mean time, I hope you’re enjoying the sun!



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