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Dessert place review – Cheesecake Etc. May 20, 2008

Posted by Raul in dessert, friends, Granville Street, Vancouver.

While I was freaking out the other day on Twitter about where to go out for dinner (I know – shame on me! I’m supposed to be the “go-to guy” for brunch/lunch/dinner/dessert reviews), I managed to somehow clue in the fact that Incendio West is on 6th Avenue and Burrard and that Cheesecake Etc. is on 6th and Granville and it would be a short walk. Thus, when C and B and L mentioned that I could choose the place and we agreed that Italian food would be good, we ended up going to Cheesecake, Etc.

Well, how to describe Cheesecake Etc.? It’s a tiny place, but apparently they have an overflow neighboring haunt. C, B, L and I sat down for about an hour or so, but I have to say that I probably felt uncomfortable in there. I would like a different decor, but maybe it’s just because I am used to True Confections (lots of windows) and Death By Chocolate (same thing, lots of windows). I felt slightly claustrophobic at Cheesecake Etc. However, we didn’t come to this place for the decor, we came here for the cheesecake…


Which was, by the way GLORIOUS!!! L and I shared a chocolate cheesecake with strawberry, and it was to-die-for! Honestly speaking, I doubt that there is a better cheesecake than the one at Cheesecake Etc. Although, truth be told, I don’t mind at all the one at True Confections either. I would seriously recommend to come to this place for some dessert, and their coffee is great too. My only qualm with it was that I was in the “somewhat secluded area”.


Kudos to the Cheesecake Etc. owners, as they have a really good sense of humor! Check for yourselves (since my blog is considered Safe for the Office, I’m going to send you and check my Flickr stream instead for this photo!).

Although I loved the cheesecake here, the best part was hanging out with C, B and L 🙂 Good times…



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