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Happy anniversary, Matt and Maktaaq! May 20, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends.

I just had the pleasure of chatting on GTalk with my friend Maktaaq, who writes one of the funniest blogs on this planet. She and her husband, Matt , are one of the cutest and smartest couples I’ve ever met. They both write really funny stuff, they’re geeky and they are also really good, kind-hearted people. Funny how things go, I started reading both their blogs a long while ago, then went away for a short while and then one night, Rebecca, John and Matt and Maktaaq went for dinner to Memphis Blues after a Vancouver Podcasters Meetup. The rest is history.

We’ve managed to spend some good times together, and I really enjoy their company. Throughout my conversation with her tonight, Maktaaq told me that it was their anniversary, so since I opened a bottle of really good Shiraz for my “Raul night” (I too need my “me time”) I decided to write this post as a homage of two good bloggers that I am honored to call friends of mine. Happy Anniversary, and many more to come!



1. Maktaaq - May 20, 2008

Thank you, Raul! What a great surprise!

We’re also really happy to have made such a friendly person who’s got such a zest for life!

Now about the Shiraz…

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