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How much readership would I lose if I were to stop blogging for a while? May 20, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, personal life, random thoughts.

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I was having a conversation with Beth Snow recently where I mentioned that I was planning to keep blogging like there was no tomorrow. She mentioned that I *already* blog like there’s no tomorrow (yes I admit it – I do post frequently!). I am happy and honored that I do have a fairly steady readership, and have countless times wondered what would happen to said readership were I to stop blogging (if not altogether, at least for a long period of time). I *have* tried (unsuccessfully) to have longer period of non-blogging but right now I’m enjoying it so much I find it hard to do.

Would my readership be badly hurt if I took a break for a while? Not that I want to, or that I care much about stats (which really I don’t – as Rebecca once said, “I am a student of the DaveO school of !@# stats, make art“). I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t feel precisely compelled to write often. I write content frequently because I love sharing what’s going on with my life and my own ideas. But I do sometimes wonder if the hummingbird needs a break. Just some thoughts. Don’t pay too much attention. Sometimes I just use my blog to ruminate ideas and think out loud. I sometimes come back to these “food for thought” posts and just recap what I posted. Of course, if you have suggestions, by all means, drop me a comment 🙂


1. Rebecca - May 20, 2008

Do what makes you happy, but try not to burn yourself out. Take time for you – that way the creative and interesting content keeps flowing and you don’t end up blogging because you simply feel obliged to.

2. John - May 20, 2008

Just do what you want….nobody is expecting (or paying) you to blog 24/7 (at least I think) so do it when you have something to say…not just for the sake of filling out a self-imposed post quota. You can also save ideas as drafts and wait until you have a couple in the hooper before posting. No point in stressing over it….it’s supposed to be fun!

3. Al - May 20, 2008


You could always start using Twitter Tools, a WordPress plugin, and send all your tweets to your blog in a daily digest. I’ve been doing that for the past month or more. A few of my readers have joined Twitter as a result of that.

Cheers – Al

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