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VIDFEST 2008 – Vancouver International Digital Festival 2008 is now May 21, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, Granville Island, social networking, Vancouver, VIDFEST 2008.

Never in my life have I felt like I’m being pulled in three directions like this week. It *is* a very important week for social media. While I have talked at length about other upcoming events, including those happening today (LaunchParty IV at Republic – to which I *am* going – and Green Drinks Vancouver 30 Days of Sustainability Wrap Up Party – to which I *might* show up), there’s the launch party for VIDFEST 2008.

So you may ask yourselves “What is VIDFEST 2008 and why should I care?“. The first question is really easy to answer. The Vancouver International Digital Festival is

VIDFEST is eleven events over four days, including conferences, an awards gala, an international partnering forum, a pitch fest, and a recruiting fair. Book your calendar for this digital media extravaganza.[VIDFEST website]

You can check the schedule for the event and that may lead you to the answer to the second question (why should YOU care). Simply speaking, I can put it in code and I’m sure you’ll get it ๐Ÿ˜‰

IF YourGeekinessQuotient > 0.05 THEN

Two important events I really want to attend that are part of VIDFEST include Convergence 2008 (on Thursday 9am-5pm, Granville Island Hotel) and the PopVox Awards Gala (on Saturday evening). For Convergence’s schedule you can click here. By an absolute miracle of the scheduling Gods (and considering how booked I am this week), I *am* free on Thursday from 2.30pm to 5:30pm, so I am pretty sure I can make it to the panel where Darren Barefoot, Rebecca Bollwitt and Kate Trgovac will speak, on Blogger Relations: Influencing Online Influencers. I will bring up my own complaint with MatchStick up if I manage to sneak in to this particular session. Besides, I am looking forward to meeting Kate Trgovac, whom I’ve heard wonders about in the blogosphere for a long, long time.

As for the PopVox Awards,

PopVox (from vox populi โ€“ L. voice of the people) is the peopleโ€™s choice awards for the Vancouver International Digital Festival. Submit your project today! The deadline for entries is April 30, 2008. Itโ€™s free to submit. Online voting will determine the winners. The PopVox awards recognizes and celebrates the creativity, talent, and achievements of the digital media industry. Prizes are awarded in eleven categories:[VIDFEST 2008 website]

Kudos to the VIDFEST organizers. If you are in media, you can check ALL THE STUFF they are providing YOU to make your job much easier. Since I am hoping to be able to attend and live-blog a couple of events, their clever thinking really allows me to just focus on the actual event rather than trying to dig information for my blog posts.

I am really hoping to be able to attend some of the VIDFEST events, since I am sure you my dear readers would greatly benefit, particularly if (like me) you are feeling pulled in all directions! However, given my transitional stage towards my new career path, I feel like I am able to make enough time in my social and work calendar to sneak in some of these events. If you are attending, drop me a comment, an email, send me a tweet or simply say “hi!



1. Jenn - May 21, 2008

I love your code there Raul:)

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3. Kate Trgovac - May 21, 2008

Oh, Raul .. Don’t you know you should NEVER believe ANYTHING the blogosphere says ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you can sneak in. Just tell them you’re part of my entourage bringing my MnM’s and Diet Coke that I put on my speaking rider. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Looking forward to meeting you! Actually, would like to hear your thoughts on Matchstick. I’m about to be on the receiving end of one of their promos! Cheers .. Kate

4. Gus - May 21, 2008

Hopefully I will see you at yet more events this week Raul. I’m thinking I might bailout on Launch Party V, as tomorrow I’m attending Convergence all day. But this might change as I usually walk by Republic on my way home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ahhh what the hell I might as well make an appearance, who am I kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

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