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Is Toshi Sushi *really* all that good? May 22, 2008

Posted by Raul in dining out, Main Street, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.

I consider myself a decent food critic by now, not that I do it for a living (please note the comma splice, Jenn!). However, besides trying to write lots of restaurant reviews for you my dear readers, I also consider myself a pretty sweet guy. So it always breaks my heart and makes me feel awful when other bloggers identify the places I’ve practically trashed as “awesome”. For example, a recent review by Jeffery Simpson for Vancouver MetBlogs indicated that his favorite restaurant in Vancouver was Toshi. Another review by Quentin on Beyond Robson claimed that “Toshi never let sushi lovers down”. Well, I hated the food. Not the place, not the owners, and not the staff. The food.

Toshi Sushi *might* have been on a bad night (they chose a really bad night to be off, because it was the night I was celebrating ML’s birthday so I was the one taking her there for dinner!). But with the recent review by Jeffery, I’m starting to think that *maybe*, only *maybe* I caught Toshi on a bad night. Given that I live only a few blocks away, I am willing to give it another try. Just to be on the safe side, I’m going to also schedule drinks at Public Eatery on Main Street, in case I catch Toshi on another bad night, I’ll just wash the sushi down with a few drinks. Anyone care to join?


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