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The highlights of my weekend so far May 24, 2008

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This weekend promises to be interesting, fun, and hopefully relaxing. I started this weekend on a high note, as I had celebratory lunch and dinner on Friday. Lunch with Phaedra was simply outstanding (Boneta review forthcoming) and dinner with DA and his parents at The Wolf and Hound (review forthcoming).

I had the best time ever with Phaedra at Boneta, the food is simply excellent. I had never been and she had never been for lunch. The service was great, but the company was simply stellar. Photos are available on my Flickr account (she looks SO hot!)

Dinner with DA and his parents was also great, I had to switch my schedule around as they are only in town for a few days, but that worked out perfectly. Dessert at True Confections, it was simply a great evening.

Feeling slightly weird about the fact that I did not go to VIDFEST on Friday, but I really needed some time off. Plus, I happened to be downtown, so had a chance to hang out with Rebecca for a bit, and meet Mom604 (who is as sweet in person as I imagined her).

Geeky notes – Apple store opening in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre. I am pretty sure many of my friends are going to show up at the launch, including (but not limited to) John Biehler, Ianiv and Arieanna, and several others (you can @ or DM on Twitter to let me know if you’re going). I am not feeling 100% energetic, but I want to hang out with John, Arieanna and Ianiv… what to do?



1. Phaedra - May 24, 2008

I had such a wonderful time with you at Boneta yesterday Raul. Thank you for joining me. Great food, and great eye candy šŸ˜‰

2. Ianiv - May 24, 2008

We were at the Apple store in the morning and then went to Eat Vancouver, just got back home. Sorry we missed you…

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