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Monday Link Love – No Time Edition May 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in link love.
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Just had a scrumptious breakfast and I’m on cup # 2 of my daily coffee intake, and even though I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to blog this morning because I already have A LOT of content queued, I have been getting so many heads up, pointers and have so much stuff going on that I just figured “heck, why not”. Besides, I really couldn’t care less about Google Page Rank (which is calculated amongst other things through the ratio of who links to you vis-a-vis who you link). I am a firm believer of the idea that bloggers should support and link to each other (a view that many of my blogger friends share).

So here are some quick pointers for your daily read dose.

John Biehler, Ianiv and Arieanna, David Drucker and Pam, Lisa and a bunch of other geeks went to the Apple Store’s opening day. I was having migraines all Saturday morning (which also prevented me from Eat Vancouver and made me miss a coffee appointment with Jonathon Narvey), so I was not at the opening but I know there’s a lot of people who went and/or have previewed it (like Derek, and Duane for example). Hat tips to Miss604 (Rebecca) who has a stellar roundup of links to blogs who have talked about the Apple Store opening. Because she’s awesome like that 🙂


– Via Rob (Kitsilano.ca) I learned about a contest that his blog is sponsoring. Win a package of Spanish lessons! To win, all you have to do is drop a comment on his blog. Since Spanish is my native language (hehehe surprised? Please don’t ask me why I blog in English), I really wouldn’t need to participate. But as a bonus, I’ll throw in a couple of coffee appointments with me to the winner so that he/she can practice his/her newfound knowledge of Spanish. How’s that?

– I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Degan has started her own food reviews blog (particularly focused on ethnic food). We might disagree (in the future) on some restaurants, but for the most part, Degan and I have agreed on every restaurant she’s reviewed so far (link is to her Salsa and Agave review)!

– On that note, Andrew Morrison from Urban Diner and I frequently disagree on restaurants we both have reviewed BUT I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Andrew and I have both agreed on at least one: Boneta – AWESOME PLACE. Finally! (Although we seem to also agree that Tequila Kitchen and Salsa and Agave are good). Boneta’s review forthcoming.


– I won a Flip Video Camera! In a contest sponsored by Reachd.com, I was the lucky winner of a Flip camera, so I’ll be heading over to learn how to use it this Wednesday. WOWZA!

Congratulations to MemeLabs for winning the PopVox Awards! More coverage of the VIDFest 2008 will be forthcoming soon


Erika Rathje is joining the 350 Challenge (350 bloggers in an attempt to offset about 122,000 pounds of carbon). Worthy cause, so consider joining and putting the badge on your blog. I’ll see if WordPress.com allows me to do that.


– Outstanding blog posts on the non-attribution of Flickr photos by CTV Toronto, posts written by John Bollwitt, and Keith Murray. (I am pretty sure I read a third local blog that talked about the issue but it’s not coming to me now). I wanted to ask Michael Geist (whom I live-blogged a couple months ago) about this issue, but never got around to it. BUT you’d be surprised to read that apparently Canada’s copyright protection is amongst the best in the world. WOW. If that’s the case, then why on Earth do Flickr photos keep being lifted without proper credit?

PHEW. That was a long link-love listing. Back to work for me.

[SIDE NOTE – I love the neighbourhood-centric blogs, the tech-geeky-centric blogs, the transportation-focused blogs, the enviro-blogs as well as the food-centric blogs. Sometimes I wish my blog had more of a theme, but since it is a personal blog and I write about my random thoughts, well, I will just have to live with it].



1. degan - May 26, 2008

nice, thanks for the link! I’m obsessed with Boneta at the moment…for some reason I STILL haven’t been there and I need to rectify that immediately.

2. Barbara Doduk - May 26, 2008

Side note to your side note, your blog does have a theme, the theme is RAUL. 😉

3. nomademoderne - May 26, 2008

I think Michael Geist’s post on ten questions to ask Jim Prentice regarding his proposal for a rather draconian new copyright regime is perhaps more apt: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/2962/135/

The question is “who is the system protecting and how.” Things are going to just get worse.

4. Matt - May 27, 2008

Congrats on the flip cam. I took that course a couple of weeks ago. You’ll be surrounded by realtors I am afraid. The flip is great. I just did a video today.

5. Rebecca - May 27, 2008

I have a post in my drafts about the photo attribution – it will go out this week

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