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Making your posts searchable with unique categories May 27, 2008

Posted by Raul in geekifying myself, wordpress.

I am usually REALLY bad at coming up with categories. I never saw the purpose to them, until Rebecca actually taught me to differentiate between Tags and Categories. Then Rastin asked me to tag my posts for WordCamp Vancouver 2008. On Tuesday night (at the Vancouver Metbloggers drinks @ Library Square) Rebecca and I were talking about how much we hate it when people don’t tag their photos or posts.

I try to tag all my photos on Flickr with my first name (raul) or my nickname (hummingbird604). I do the same for all other bloggers (e.g. Rebecca with miss604, Corinna with gusgreeper, Tanya with netchick, John with johnbiehler or johnbollwitt as the case may be, Nancy with moneycoach, MJ with urbanista, to give a few examples). With the posts, I haven’t really created very unique categories. But I’ll have to say that Meg Fowler and Beth Snow probably take the cake for degree of uniqueness with their categories. While some of us use “blogosphere” or “random thoughts”, Meg for example tells you which posts she thinks are “not a super crucial topic“. Beth’s “rampant consumerism” is also fairly unique (although someone else also has that tag now). I’ll say both really try for unique categories.

I am trying to create unique tags and categories for myself, so I think the very first that is really super unique is “geekifying myself“. I guess I should really create a category for this type of post that should read something like “you really shouldn’t have clicked on this blog post”. 😀



1. Beth - May 27, 2008

In truth, what appeared as “categories” on my WordPress blog were “tags” that, for some reason, morphed into “categories” when I imported my blog from my old Blogspot blog. I’ve seen converted them over to tags and I now am category-less.

I am particularly proud of “rampant consumerism” tag. Also, “hotties” and “not so hotties”.

P.S. Where is my link love? 😉

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