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Meld’s last gig June 1, 2008

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I met Daniel and a few of his friends, including Anya and Alex at WordCamp Vancouver 2008 and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Since Daniel is going away for a year, his band (Meld) played one last time at Myles on Beans (near Edmonds Skytrain station – awesome place, by the way). Daniel invited me to his last gig, and I was happy I did attend.

So who are Meld?

MELD is a family rock band that plays mostly soft rock, classic rock, and folk but enjoys the occasional diversion into celtic music and psychedelic math metal. We’re Michael on guitar/vox, Esmie behind the scenes, Leanne on bass/keys?/vox, and Daniel on drums.[MELD]

Meld's last gig May 31 2008

I haven’t finished uploading all the photos from the gig, nor the videos, but here is a shot that I think captured the evening. The rest are on my Flickr set for this particular evening. After the gig, we came back to the McLaren’s for some Rock Band. As I’ve previously stated, I am HORRIBLE at Rock Band, but I love to play. I will upload the videos to YouTube at some point this week.

It was a very nice and enjoyable evening, and I kind of regret not having seen some of their other gigs, particularly since they played twice in my neighbourhood (Cottage Bistro and Purple Crab) last year. But I’m sure I’ll get to see them when Daniel is back.

As I mentioned to the McLaren’s (Michael and Esmie), in many ways, I saw my life very much re-enacted last night. My parents and I have sang together (my Mom is a soprano, my Dad plays the guitar, we all brothers play the piano) and they never pushed me to do anything. On the contrary, they always encouraged me to do the best I could. That’s what also made it very enjoyable to see another family do the same (Daniel is off to Europe for a year, and his parents have been very encouraging to him). Good times, all around.



1. inaequitas - June 1, 2008

Thanks for the pictures! I, too, regret not having seen Meld before, but I can hope that once Daniel returns, they will have a show or three going.

2. Daniel McLaren - June 1, 2008

Great photos! Can’t wait to see those videos. (-;
I’m glad you enjoyed MELD’s music and thanks for the kind comments. It was good to see ya and I’ll definitely be in touch during my travels.

3. Esmie - June 2, 2008

Great pics, Raul. It was fab having you there
enjoying and ultimately helping me archive the event.
You’ll have to show us your skills on the ivory keys sometime.



4. Anya - June 2, 2008

Raul!!! Great to see you, it was fun fun times. I can’t wait to see the videos you took with the new camera 😀

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