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Movie review – Sex and the City (The Movie) June 2, 2008

Posted by Raul in movies.

I’ll have to confess that I am in the minority of the male population who actually will want to see this movie. I rarely watched Sex and the City, but all my female friends did, and it soon became a topic of conversation. Louis Vuitton, stylettos, and closet sizes soon became part of our chats. The interesting bit is that the demographics that I expected were totally fulfilled when I saw the movie earlier this week:

– % of males in the audience – close to 10%
– % of females talking loudly in the audience – close to 85%
– Number of times I had to “SHHHHH” loudly to have someone shut up – 25
– Number of times I heard someone sob loudly – 10
[EDIT – Number of times I felt bad about said person sobbing loudly – 10]
– Number of times I shed tears – 4
– Number of times I said “OUCH” – 1
– % of the overall content of the soundtrack that I loved – 99%
– Songs I particularly liked
– Flash (by Ciara)
– The Look of Love (Nina Simone remixed)
– Labels or Love (Fergie)

You can read better reviews of the movie, by Rebecca, Keira-Anne, Jennifer, as I am not really a SATC follower.

One thing I did notice is that there was a lot of intimate scenes. Now, I am not a prude by any measure, but I thought that these were… not exactly needed, if I may say so. But my overall feeling of the movie was that it was a story of love, redemption, and more than anything, one of the most profound and glowing forms of love I have been witness to: friendship.

Finally, the movie made me reflect about love in general, and one person in particular who lives far away from Canada. I am not sure this person has been able to find love (even though this person is already married) but one thing I can sure say is “good riddance!” 🙂 I’ll find love with someone else. I deserve to find the love of my life and I am sure I will find it some day.

Here are the three YouTube videos I found for the three songs I really liked.



1. Marina - June 2, 2008

Well, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it but all the shushing would have driven me up the wall! I’ll likely skip this on the big screen but I’ll definitely be checking it out on DVD…sometime down the road!

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