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Academia can be dangerous for your health :) June 3, 2008

Posted by Raul in academic life, random thoughts.

I just read Dr. Beth Snow’s most recent blog post where she was indicating that she had been working on a grant for way too long (I won’t spoil the fun, go and read it and then come back). I have had similar things happen to me at some point, but Beth’s does take the cake. I do know that I spoil people’s breakfast by responding to my friends’ comments with an academic overtone.

Neighbour – “You cough once a minute while you type on your desk.”
Raul – “No, I don’t”.
Neighbour – “Yes, you do”.
Raul – “Do you have any empirical evidence to that?”
Neighbour – *Shows page with scribbled notes*
Raul – “Hmmm… that’s not a large enough N to warrant statistical reliability”
Neighbour – “….”

I know, I’m a dork. An academic dork, at that. And a geek-in-training too 🙂



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