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This is what the weather should look like in Vancouver! June 3, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.


Just a reminder to the weather gods of what Vancouver should be looking like :). Photo credit – the photo is mine, but you can link it with proper attribution 🙂



1. TylerIngram - June 3, 2008

It’s nice and rainy now! No complaining about the weather! It rains a lot here, everyone knows that. It’s the climate we live in! Don’t like it.. move? lol naw it would be nice for some more sunny days but I do like the rain it makes everything greener!

The photo above looks fake, I mean not in a bad way but the buildings in the background (yaletown?) look like a matte photo for a movie or a brochure. I like it actually hehe cool

2. Raul - June 3, 2008

Yeah, the buildings are Yaletown. The funny thing is – the photo is 100% point-and-shoot. No DSLR, no HDR. Nothing. I just took it 🙂

3. Phaedra - June 3, 2008

isn’t it June now? I want sun!!! Nice shot, btw, fyi 🙂

4. Raul - June 3, 2008

Yeah, it is June! This weather sucks 😦

Thanks for the kind comments. I kind of like this pic 🙂

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