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A toast to my commenters, readers and the blogosphere :) June 6, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

It’s Friday, and normally I’d scour the depths of the Internet to find fun links for you to read as we near the end of the week. However, I have recently spent a large amount of time today reading comments on my blog, and being delighted at the awesome conversations I’ve been able to engage with. It’s rainy, some of my friends are out of town, others are going out of town next week, and I feel kind of ‘out-of-sorts’ (it’s the weather, I’m sure), I’m super busy with a conference… but as it is Friday (and TGIF!), I just want to toast to the people who read my blog (even if you’re a lurker, hehe), who comment here, and those with whom I have conversations on Twitter. May you have a lovely weekend (despite this godawful weather). Thanks to the blogosphere for bringing so many awesome people to my life. Here is one of my favorite songs for your listening pleasure (and rather fitting I’d say) “Nothing Can Come Between Us” by Sade πŸ™‚



1. Tanya (aka NetChick) - June 6, 2008

Hey Raul,

Here’s to YOU! I’m very much looking forward to seeing ya tomorrow night… It’s gonna be fun!! (And it sounds like Hollie / Chris will be there, too!)

Have a terrific Friday night!


2. Raul - June 7, 2008

Thanks Tanya, I am also very looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night, and I am also hoping to see Hollie and Chris too!

Hugs and love,

3. teflonjedi - June 7, 2008

Sade…good choice! πŸ™‚

4. Raul - June 8, 2008

I decided on Sade because of your comments, Teflonjedi πŸ™‚

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