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Mandatory weekend recap June 8, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, dining out, friends, random thoughts, Vancouver.

The week-long conference did a really good job of protecting me against myself. Since I already had too much on my plate, I didn’t agree to more than four events over the weekend (I KNOW! Impressive, eh?). Friday night I had dinner with a colleague and friend of mine from Ottawa at Chicas (on 70th and Granville – restaurant review forthcoming). Saturday morning I had brunch with C and B at The Nice Cafe, and last night I attended Tanya‘s and Corinna‘s birthday party at The Rugby Club (restaurant review forthcoming). This afternoon am meeting a friend of mine for coffee and this evening I am having a “Raul night” since JT is away.

Had a chance to see some good friends of mine from the blogosphere, including MJ (and J), David Drucker (and P), Monica Hamburg (and C), Gillian, Miranda, and many friends from both Tanya and Corinna.

After dinner and drinks we headed down to Tanya’s place for some Rock Band. I’m getting better at vocals but my bass and guitar skills are still nowhere to be found 😉 To celebrate last night’s RB, here’s one of the songs I like the most: Mississippi Queen (the video shown below is Expert – I can’t do beyond Easy so far).

[UPDATE – Never mind – I’ve been trouble embedding YouTube videos – I’ll deal with this later]



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