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Restaurant review – The Rugby Beach Club Grille June 8, 2008

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I’ve been wanting to come for dinner to the Rugby Club for the longest time. I’ve seen their advertisements on The Georgia Straight, and never had made a point to come here for dinner. Now I want another reason to party and bring all my friends to The Rugby Beach Club Grille!

We were here for Tanya and Corinna‘s birthday party, and it was a pretty large group. The first thing that impressed me is the size of the restaurant. It’s huge! Very comfortable, cozy, there’s room for everyone. Last night (Saturday) was packed. Relatively good eye-candy, although definitely not very good at approaching others (I was hit on but just vaguely!)

The food was outstanding, Monica and I shared a dessert (the chocolate panna cotta) and I had two martinis (one with fresh watermelon cuts). Outstanding. Definitely not pricey and really good food at affordable prices. If I had known that I was going to have such a good time, I would have come for dinner much earlier. I sampled other people’s platters as I was too busy chatting to order a full meal, but I am sure I’ll be back for a sit-down meal with a few friends soon. Definitely worth checking out.

Our waitress (Number 1 – I forgot your name, damn it!) was really sweet and the service is outstanding. The staff is super friendly. Their system is really great to keep separate checks. You receive a number and they put your order down on your number, so by the time you need to clear your bill, it’s a really simple and painless process. I wish more restaurants in Vancouver did this. Trust me, it’s not all that complicated. If The Rugby Beach Club Grille can do it, I don’t see why others can’t learn from their excellent strategy. I have seen waiters and waitresses from a lot of other restaurants scrambling with separate bills.

This system looks really easy (however, I should say that I find that Rugby Club is probably very well staffed, there’s a lot of staff people to look after the customers – maybe that’s not the case with every other restaurant).

Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure, all are on my Flickr account.

Tanya and Corinna's b'day party

Tanya and Corinna's b'day party

Rugby Beach Club Grille on Urbanspoon



1. luc - June 8, 2008

Every week I plan to sample their Sunday’s sea food menu and I get lazy, but maybe your review will be the trigger.
Maybe add a few “atmosphere” photos, without violating anyone’s privacy, just to get a feeling of the place?
I know this is a food review, but you mentioned “eye candy” and I’ll have to ask you to be more specific, because, you know, you have to cater to all kinds of audiences :).

2. Raul - June 8, 2008


There is eye candy there for ALL kinds of audiences 🙂

The place is really cool, I’ll see what I can do about “atmosphere” photos.

3. Karen - June 8, 2008

Rugby is a great place to get together with friends. Did you notice that their drink menu is super cheap? Guinness for around $3 and a slough of martinis for around the same. Dessert: you must try their grilled banana with rum raisin ice cream. Yummy to the nth degree.

I’m sure I have photos somewhere….voila! http://www.flickr.com/photos/horcubee/sets/72157594383657709/detail/

4. Anya - June 8, 2008

ahh, the Rugby Beach Club – I both love and hate you. I think that although it’s big and drinks are cheap, the food is super-average and the place doesn’t have much of a vibe. I’ll probably keep going there for cheap drinks, but I wouldn’t go for a full dinner.

5. Raul - June 8, 2008

@ Karen – I do love the food there.

@ Anya – Considering the price (and how disappointed I have been at other places that charge twice as much for dinner), I’d seriously give Rugby a good dinner try. I’m surprised you said that it doesn’t have much of a vibe, considering that it seems like a hip place for youngsters 😉

6. calfaile - June 9, 2008

I’ve been here several times. Honestly, I think the food is a bit overpriced and skimpy. It’s an Earls trying to be Metro. That being said, the food isn’t bad, and the drinks are the best bargain in town.

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