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Blogging about blogging, Twittering about Twitter… June 9, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

One of the Canadian ex-pats blogs that I have enjoyed the most has been Ian’s (who is currently located in Hamburg, Germany). He is the one with the famous Facebook post, and now Ian has written a solid, funny post on blogging about blogging. A few weeks back, Jon (from Beyond Robson) was complaining on my blog about the fact that bloggers write too much about blogging and not about the other stuff.

I do find that sometimes, bloggers write about blogging, but that is only natural, in my opinion. We write about the things we care about. My blog is personal and I write restaurant reviews, some Vancouver-centric commentary, at times I dabble in politics and finally, sometimes I reflect on where I want to bring my blog. As I frequently say “bloggers are people, we do what we do, and then we blog about it“. (Although it appears that Monica Hamburg’s Chris has found another Raul trademark phrase of mine — “that is TOTALLY bloggable“).

We have blogged (and tweeted) a lot about Twitter in the past few weeks, mainly because it is one of our strongest vehicles to maintain social media interconnectedness. We want to discuss it openly because we want to make it better. Does Twitter listen to all of our reactions? Maybe, maybe not. But at least they have a blog updating us about the status of Twitter and what they’re doing to make a more robust system.

I am very much a believer of the idea that you can’t learn and improve your ideas about something if you don’t discuss it. What is the best way to discuss things? By blogging them/twittering about them. That’s just my humble opinion. And on that note, the content on my blog is going to be very, very sparse. I have two journal articles and a conference paper that need to be finished this week, and they are not writing themselves. So, I am sorry to disappoint you if there’s very very little content this week. However, if you haven’t caught up on your RSS feeds, feel free to do so.

🙂 Have everyone a great week!



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