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Funding shortages, university presidents resigning, what else is coming? June 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in academic life, food for thought.
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For those of us wanting to remain in academia in Canada, these are REALLY BAD NEWS. Apparently (or so says The Vancouver Sun), the president of University of Northern British Columbia has resigned. The press release cites numerous reasons, but the Vancouver Sun argues that it was because of funding shortages.

With the recent flood of BC colleges becoming universities, I was VERY excited because I figured that these news would mean, potentially more jobs for tenure-track faculty. I was WRONG! What other bad news are awaiting us academic folks in the next few months?

Hat tips to Dr. Beth Snow for tipping me to this story via Twitter.


1. Thomasso - June 10, 2008

Hey Raul, I can think of many problems that will appear in the next while with Colleges turning into Universities. There will be a funding imbalance with the newly minted Universities. Tuitions will need to go up because you are now paying for a University level institution versus a College, and the instructors will need to upgrade also. Already in my degree program there has been shift in the curriculum as courses change to meet the new level of expectation. Rumour has it that our GPA will be bumped up, and a higher expectation of entrance will be required to enrol for future students. It boils down to where the money will come from, and the class of students who will show up to be educated at a Master’s level.

2. Raul - June 11, 2008

Hey Thomasso

I *wish* they got that level of education (Masters’ level) – but what if they don’t? 😦

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