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Supporting the UBC Farm struggles through Web 2.0 June 10, 2008

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At the recent Trout Lake Farmers’ Market, I was chatting with Andrew (who volunteers with the UBC Farm), and he reminded of their continuous struggle to keep the UBC Farm on location (given UBC’s recent increase in real estate development). For obvious reasons, I’ll stay out of the legal discussions but I can totally see the benefit of maintaining the UBC Farm where it is.

So what is the struggle, you ask? I asked Andrew to provide me with materials that explained this in more detail. From their brochure, I have extracted a couple of paragraphs that are relevant:

“- The Vancouver Campus Plan (VCP) is currently undergoing a review process. Campus plans have designated the Farm as ‘future housing reserve’ and downplay the value of the farm by basing their understanding of South Campus on data that predates current Farm operations.

– The UBC Farm is a unique institution necessitating a consultation process that explicitly addresses its potential contributions to regional sustainability and campus life in the future. This has not been possible within consultations designed to plan the entire campus.

– Physical layout options for South Campus will be presented in fall 2008. A final decision will be made by the UBC Board of Governors and then approved by the Metro Vancouver Land Use and Transportation Committee.”

Of course, the best way to make decisions is to be informed, so check these websites and related materials! For more information, you can go to their blog, the UBC Farm website, and the Friends of UBC Farm website.



1. Phaedra - June 10, 2008

I’ve always wanted to go, and now I feel encouraged to support them. One of these Saturdays we should make a trip out there 🙂

2. Robert - June 10, 2008

Consider reading about and signing the petition. The online version allows you to write a comment. The comments make interesting reading. This is a thoughtful and articulate group. I think this form of petition is far more effective than the old clipboard at the shopping mall, or door-to-door pitch. Very Web 2.0.

Yes, I signed. #117.


3. Raul - June 11, 2008

@ Phaedra – For sure 🙂

@ Robert – I am doing as much as I can – for reasons I can explain in private I can’t get more involved than what I do right now.

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