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WordCamp Fraser Valley 2008 June 12, 2008

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Gary Jones from BlueFur invited me a while ago (after the very successful, and superbly organized WordCamp Vancouver 2008, by Tazzu) to speak at the first ever WordCamp Fraser Valley 2008 , and I was thrilled to accept. I really respect the work of Blue Fur and I’m very happy to contribute in any way I can. As a matter of fact, I owe a lot of the increase in my readership to WordPress-specific tools and tricks.

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg in WordPress gear. Photo credit: Niallkennedy on Flickr.

The following is an abstract of the talk I’m going to give, hoping that it will be useful. I know for a fact that John Chow and Rebecca Bollwitt (aka Miss604) will be speaking too. This will be SO MUCH FUN!

Here’s the abstract of my talk:“I Switched to WordPress, and So Can You”

I started blogging on the Blogger platform for ease of use (and because several friends of mine were using it too!). On March 23rd, 2008, I took one of the best decisions in my burgeoning blogging career: I moved my blog entirely from Blogger to WordPress. Many bloggers seem afraid of taking the plunge and switching to WP. Currently, I blog primarily on the WordPress.com platform, and have enjoyed an increase in readership of over 300%. In this presentation, I will talk about my experience switching platforms, outline the advantages that I see in WordPress, and speak about the next steps I plan to take in the process of becoming a WP geek. 🙂

I am, of course, open to any questions or comments you might want to include. I am sure that some of you might want me to post some video, being the owner of a Flip and having attended a Reachd.com awesome seminar. I will try to do at least some vlogging – most likely, I’ll be live-vlogging Rebecca‘s as she will be too busy giving her own talk to be able to vlog it!!! (but knowing Rebecca, she might even be able to live-blog/vlog her own part of the WordCamp!)



1. Marina - June 12, 2008

Hey! Congrats! I’d be willing to show up just to hear you guys talk!

2. Tawcan - June 12, 2008

I’ve been thinking about switching to wordpress more and more lately… Maybe I’ll take the plunge one of these days when it’s raining outside and I’m not out in the woods exploring.

3. gusf - June 12, 2008

Hey yes, congrats.

I will definitely try to attend this WordPress camp.

The team at Bluefur is great. I have my blog hosted with them currently and had no issues to report.

4. Thomasso - June 12, 2008

Cool. I live just down the road from where the event is going to be held–talk about convenience? Thank Raul for the Information! I may be in attendance.

5. Raul - June 13, 2008

@ Marina – Awww thank you 🙂 very kind…. we’d love to see you there!

@ Tawcan – C’mon – you know you want to do the switch. If I tell you how long it took me, you’d laugh 🙂

@ GusF – Would be lovely to see you 🙂 Please do try to come!

@ Thomasso – It can’t get any more convenient than that eh? Please do come and say hi 🙂

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