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Over 3000 Tweets? What am I talking about? June 13, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

So, before I walked to the Blackwater Cafe in Gastown to meet with Nancy, I checked very briefly my Tweet count. I *swear* it was somewhere around 2950 tweets. Yes, a substantial number, but still – I mean, I am by no means the person who tweets the most in Vancouver (although I’m considered the top twitterer by TwitterLocal).

Anyhow, not sure how it escaped my mind, but I indeed am at around 3056 tweets. What the heck am I talking about and how have I managed to do my work in addition to blogging, commenting on other people’s blogs, writing papers/journal articles/conference presentations? That’s anybody’s guess. But one thing I do know – I am VERY happy with my Twitter friends.

As I mused today on my reflection – “Blogging is what brought us together. It is up to us to maintain the friendships“. Twitter has brought some amazing people to my life, and I’m very grateful for that.

On a quick side note, I was quite productive – had lunch with Rebecca at Salsa and Agave, then proceeded to do work at both UBC and SFU downtown campuses, then I met with Nancy at Blackwater Cafe (I *love* this place, this IS going to be our next Vancouver Blogger Meetup hangout! great decor, very nice guy the owner, etc.). Finally, met up with Andy for drinks at Public (review going live in the morning). Not bad for a night’s work, eh?



1. luc - June 13, 2008

Not bad for a night’s work
C’mon, even in Vancouver it’s still early to call it a night, and it’s Friday!

2. Tyler Ingram - June 13, 2008

Wow 3000 tweets already? Then again when I logged in this morning with Twhirl I did notice that you took up at least 15 of the most recent tweets 😉 I’m not close to you yet, but I’m moving at a decent pace!

3. Raul - June 13, 2008

@ Luc – I called it an early night… it’s a school night, you know 😉

@ Tyler – I have no idea how it happened. Twitter just… went crazy! 😉

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