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Restaurant review – Public Lounge Eatery June 13, 2008

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Technically this should be a “bar review” since we basically had beer and appetizers, but I’ll categorize it as a restaurant review because I think Public Lounge Eatery would rather be identified as a restaurant with good booze than as a bar with some good food.

There are many reasons why I should have been to Public much earlier. First, I *did* drop by a first time with my friend HZ but we were swiftly kicked out because they were closing at 11pm. Now they close at 1:00am. Fine and dandy, only – I never get the chance to come here. Second, I live incredibly close to Public. If my decision to come by was solely based on geographical proximity, this is the first bar I should hit (heck, even closer than The Five Point!). Third, Public has an outdoor patio and I *love* outdoor patios! But I finally, FINALLY made it to Public. I had such a great time too!

Last night, Andy and I went for a beer and some appetizers to Public. I couldn’t have asked for better company. Andy has a great sense of humour and we hadn’t really caught up in a long time, since I had been very busy and he’d been travelling, so it was a great opportunity to catch up.

We ordered a three dip platter (which had some nachos and a weird-shaped toast kind of thingie – looked like a biscotti). Normally (as you all know) I would NEVER eat anything with cheese. First, because I hate cheese. Second, because even if I didn’t hate cheese (which I do) I am lactose intolerant. But I wasn’t about to say no, and Andy seemed to be interested in this dish, so I said “what the heck – this will be my cheese consumption for the whole of 2007 AND 2008“.

The beer we ordered was lemony, and it was light – we shared a pitcher of beer (and given that I am a light-weight, I would say that it had much more of an effect on me than it had on him!) and the 3 dip platter (shown below).

Public with Andy 1

Photo credit: Andy’s photo on my Flickr.

I was also slightly weirded out by the way in which the waitress brought the bill. At The Red Onion (burger joint, really tasty) they bring you the bill underneath a red onion. At Public, they bring it in a weird-shaped holder (see below). Strange.

Public with Andy 3 bill

Photo credit: Andy’s photo on my Flickr.

Anyway, I couldn’t have asked for better company for a first try of Public Eatery Lounge. However, I think that next time I’m going to order something non-cheesy. Not only because I hate cheese, but because I had to pop in the lactaid pills and my tummy complained a bit. Next time, I say đŸ™‚ All in all it was a great experience and very good company.

Public Lounge Eatery on Urbanspoon



1. Tyler Ingram - June 13, 2008

Haha the ‘Check’! That’s awesome!

2. Andy Peatling - June 13, 2008

Of course… check… now I get it!

3. Raul - June 13, 2008

I hadn’t gotten it until this morning when Tyler pointed it out. It was good that you took the photo from your angle rather than mine (otherwise the shot would have looked reversed and we never might have gotten it!)

“check” – brilliant.

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