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Vancouver Joomla! Day – Recap June 14, 2008

Posted by Raul in Vancouver Joomla Day.

I had to miss a couple of sessions due to scheduling conflicts, but I managed to spend a large chunk of the day at Vancouver Joomla! Day. I was quite positively surprised by the large number of women in the audience (go tekkie women!), at a rate of about 1:3 (1 female per 3 males) and a very good turnout (about 120 people, 80 men and 40 women). Whomever said that nobody knew Joomla! in Vancouver, was seriously wrong.

EDIT – Here is the Flickr set of the Joomla! workshop.

I had to live-blog on Ash’s MacBook Pro, which on the one hand, is very pretty but I had a really difficult time creating posts because of the lack of familiarity with the computer. Furthermore, I wasn’t using my own TwitterFox (or Twhirl as I do from my desktop) so I had to Twitter from the web, which was a real annoyance.

Although I realize how young the Joomla! project is, I seriously would like to learn more about it. I found the sessions really interesting, although probably it would be of more interest to developers (and coders). So if you’re a high-tech geek, and you didn’t attend, you probably missed quite a bit. But not to worry, I have liveblogged a few of the sessions.

I’m exhausted and I really want to go home, because unfortunately I have lost my internet connection (that’s the problem with having a Mac broadcasting wireless signal and my laptop doesn’t get it. I got on the Vancouver Public Library network for a little while, but afterwards, I simply just couldn’t log on back, so I have been composing these posts on BlogDesk.

A big round of applause to Rastin, Ash, Teresa, Jen and all the sponsors, both media, service, food catering, etc. The audience was awesome too, I met some really interesting folks (although my conversations went a little bit too tekkie for my own liking – remember, I’m a non-tekkie blogger) [I know, somehow I don’t think I can use this excuse anymore since I do most of my own HTML by hand, and I think I’ve learned a little bit about SEO and all the social media geekspeak]

Overall, a good morning and looking forward to spending some time with friends tonight, if my body doesn’t start acting up (I have been really pushing myself lately, and I seriously shouldn’t!)



1. luc - June 14, 2008

Mmmm… tekkie women… got to install this Joomla! thingy.

2. Dave O - June 20, 2008

nice job Raul – as a WP and Drupal user and community evangelist in general, i am curious about Joomla both from a tech standpoint and a cultural one. Did you observe any differences in the people and manner of acting and collaborating at the event? Didn’t see many faces i recognize from other camps/days/fests in the pics – as though its an alternate tech community reality!

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