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Drinks after Dark – Why you should follow that blog… June 15, 2008

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Colleen Coplick has a lot of cards under her sleeve. She writes her own personal blog and she is also a PR person who in addition writes for B5Media. However, it is Drinks after Dark, her latest venture, that has got me hooked. See, I am not a really heavy drinker. When I was younger, my Dad would be worried sick that I would get into trouble. He always had told me “Raul, you NEED to learn at least how to have ONE drink, so that you can close the business deals right on the spot”.

He was right. My Dad is a lawyer by training with a specialization in intellectual property law and civil law. I was always reticent to drink. I was like “Dad, why on Earth would you like me to drink? It’s kind of stupid and useless”. But he was right, there is value in learning how to handle one or two or three drinks.

And that’s where I find the value of Drinks after Dark. Colleen provides you with good content, funny writing AND several suggestions on yummy cocktails, the best wine, or expensive wine-glassware. Regardless of how much you drink (e.g. quantity), Drinks After Dark is a good read. Go check it out.



1. Colleen Coplick - June 15, 2008

awww thanks! That’s so sweet. 😀 I’m glad you like it. One small note tho – I’m a pr person, who also writes for b5media rather than being b5media’s pr person. semantics, i know, but just want to make sure it’s straight. 😀

2. Raul - June 15, 2008

Ok, that shall be corrected. You are a PR person who ALSO writes for b5media 🙂 I will fix it, for sure 🙂

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