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Raul time – Sorry folks! June 15, 2008

Posted by Raul in friends, Vancouver.

Every so often (rarely, but more often lately), I go through this phase where I just want to be with myself. I *love* hanging out with my friends, don’t get me wrong. But I just need… my time. I need to find again who Raul is. And right now, I think there are several versions out there on the Internet. I am, to many, the good and reliable friend whom they can trust to keep a secret. I am the companion who will say YES to hanging out at the spur of the moment. I am the guy who doesn’t know how to say no even when he’s double-booked. [UPDATE – And I am also a guy who likes his “me” time]

This weekend has been both amazing and informative. The fact that I got to spend time with Andy, CS, Karen Parker, her friends, Kerry Anne, Teresa, Rastin, Ash, Bruce, Rebecca, Keira, John Biehler and John Bollwitt, Phaedra, etc. AND still managed to get some time for myself speaks volumes to my ability to organize my personal life.

That being said, I kind of thing that Sunday should be a me day. I want the morning to go to church, do errands, write a bit of the paper, and then I have my traditional JT evening. As for what I did this weekend? I had a wonderful brunch with AF and CS at The Nice Cafe, combined with Vancouver Joomla! Day, commitments all day long, then a wonderful evening at Karen and her boyfriend’s place for board games (I suck at poker). Kerry-Anne and her husband were in attendance. Man, are they ever suited for each other! They are so cute.

Thursday, as you might have read, I had a great time having beer and appetizers at Public with Andy, and then Friday night I had a wonderful evening with Phaedra, Keira, both John B’s, Amy and Jen. Oh – even better – I got to hang out with Nancy Zimmerman before I met with Andy at the Blackwater Cafe. Not bad for a weekend’s worth. This wekeend was amazing yet I still think I need some “Raul time”.

I just wish I could do more research. As I told Kerry-Anne, I would do MUCH more research if I only didn’t have this busy social life. But I am NOT going to complain. And I am hoping that Derek K. Miller will be impressed with the fact that THIS weekend I am summarizing the whole weekend in a post 🙂 How’s that? 😉

Have everyone a wonderful evening! And now, the question is on to YOU: What are YOU doing this Sunday? Is Sunday for you a day to wind down?



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