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The strange life of a Geek-In-Training June 16, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, geekifying myself, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

I’ve blogging for two years, and for the past year, I’ve posted solidly between 2 and 6 posts every day. There are times when my traffic goes up, there are times when it goes down. However, in the strangest of events, my traffic WENT UP ON SUNDAY. Yes, you heard right. On Father’s Day. On Car Free Day. On one of the sunniest days we’ve had in a LONG, LONG TIME, and my traffic this Sunday beat the highest number of visits I had during the week. Why? Don’t ask me. Ask the blogosphere!

On another side note, I need to really get myself organized. I know that I’m on lots of things, but I haven’t managed to really organize all the online stuff I have. So I am …

On Twitter: @hummingbird604
On Flickr: Rolex-PV (Raul)t
On YouTube: drhummingbird604
On Vimeo: hummingbird604
On Facebook: NOPE – I am NOT on Facebook.
On Pownce: hummingbird604
On Plurk: NOPE – I am NOT on Plurk.
On Meetup.com: Raul’s profile.

I have an invite to Jaiku that I haven’t activated, and an invite to FriendFeed that I haven’t activated either. Am I missing something?


1. Matt Collinge- 604homesguy - June 16, 2008

Brigthkite and Utterz come to mind.

2. miss604 - June 16, 2008

Blip.tv, Viddler, Revver, Qik, and what Matt said… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg but DUDE you do not have to be on everything! hehe

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