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Unappreciated beauty in North Vancouver June 16, 2008

Posted by Raul in environment, Focus on Vancouver, North Shore, random thoughts, urbanization, Vancouver, water.

It’s a fact: human beings take things for granted. Canadians and Vancouverites are not exempted from this. Why on Earth would people choose to voluntarily pollute their environment is beyond me. Do you want to guess what I found on this gorgeous park, right besides Lonsdale Quay (after having hung out with Arieanna for a bit at Waves on 1st. St. and Lonsdale)?

North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale

Yeah… I found THIS…

North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale


North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale

Does this upset me? YES. IT DOES. The mere reason why I traveled all the way from Mount Pleasant to the North Shore was to enjoy the scenic beauty (which I did), to have a chance to hang out with friends (which I did). However, I was not prepared to be taken aback by the lack of environmental awareness of what is touted as “the most environmentally-friendly city in Canada”. Well… somebody needs to remind its citizens about better environmental behavior.

/end rant.

And here is a gorgeous view that may give you a hint on why I travel to North Van for comfort.

North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale



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