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I guess I am in tech! June 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, geekifying myself, link love, liveblogging, social networking, Third Tuesday, Vancouver Blogger Meetup, VIDFEST 2008, Web 2.0.

I’m usually reluctant to say that I am in PR (public relations) or in the tech industry, even in social media (Web 2.0) because I still think of myself as an environmental specialist. However, lately, I have been faced with questions from friends that I have made in the blogosphere who have asked me directly “hey Raul, what’s going on in the tech world this week?

I guess that comes from my recent increased coverage of tech events, including VIDFEST 2008, Cossette Convergence 2008, Launch Party IV. Even the PR events (if you consider Third Tuesday a PR event) have a tekkie component! Thus, I’ve come to accept that yeah, maybe I am in tech.

Moreover, this only comes to confirm what my friend HZ has told me all along: every time I launch a new endeavour, I follow through fully! And again, a substantial hat tip and thanks should be given to ALL MY BLOGOSPHERE friends, but especially Miss604 – Rebecca Bollwitt, for helping me with my blog, for guiding me through a lot of stuff and simply, for her friendship. Thank you Rebecca.


1. luc - June 18, 2008

If you google “Rebecca Bollwitt” on this site you get 294 results.
Now, if this were my blog, one would suspect a mild infatuation.
Are you sure you’re not in PR 🙂 ?

2. Tyler Ingram - June 18, 2008

Alright when I want to talk tech I know I can pester you!

3. Raul - June 18, 2008

@ Luc – I am sure if you Google “Rebecca” without the Bollwitt, the number of results would be even higher! 😀

@ Tyler – Of course you can always talk tech with me!

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