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Third Tuesday Vancouver with Joe Solomon – The aftermath June 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, link love, liveblogging, Net Tuesday, Third Tuesday.

I won’t bother recapping the actual talk, which was really awesome. Rebecca did a mighty fine job of live-blogging it and I did my best, so all you need to do is check our links for summaries/recaps.

I will, however, say that this was one of my most enjoyable experiences with Third Tuesday. I recognized lots of people, I was recognized by a lot of individuals and had a chance to hang out with friends I have made through the blogosphere.

We did miss some blogospheric awesome people who usually would show up to these events, including (but not limited to) Jonathon Narvey, Isabella Mori, Jan Karlsbjerg, Beth Snow, Rastin Mehr, Arash Sanienan, Dario Meli, John Biehler, John Bollwitt, Nadia Nascimento, Matt Kirkey, Jordan Behan, Luc Al, Maura Rodgers, Jenn Lowther. The list is quite long (these are just a few names off the top of my head)! We did miss you guys…

I was, as normally am, very snap-happy so I ended up snapping a few really good photos (tagged on Flickr with “thirdtuesday” and “Third Tuesday Vancouver” tags). I particularly enjoyed the chance to chat with people more on a one-on-one basis, since a lot of them only seem to read my blog and know very little about the man behind the blog.


Here is Joe in the middle of his talk

Third Tuesday Vancouver Jun 17 2008

I really like this photo of Tanya (superb organizer!) who just came back from a relaxing birthday celebration in Las Vegas! Welcome back, Tanya!

Third Tuesday Vancouver Jun 17 2008


I also liked this one from Monica Hamburg and Rebecca Bollwitt

Third Tuesday Vancouver Jun 17 2008

Thanks to Tod for doing such a great job of moderating the discussion, Joe for giving such a great, insightful and passionate speech, to The Network Hub [you guys rock!] and all of you who joined us for Third Tuesday!



1. Tanya (aka NetChick) - June 18, 2008

hehe… Great photos (err, I’m glad you liked mine… haha… me? Not so much. LOL)

Great to see ya last night — I’m glad we got a few minutes to yack! Let’s catch up for coffee or a drink later this week, or early next.

By the way, Dusty was very thrilled you picked his number for the BodyGuardz contest! 🙂


2. Peter - June 18, 2008

Hi Raul,

Nice round up of last night. Like you, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed Joe’s talk.


ps I have joined Twitter and am following you. My name is “pclemens”

3. Jan Karlsbjerg - June 19, 2008

It’s nice to be missed. 🙂 But the Third Tuesday crowd is not “my people”. I’ve learned that a few times and finally decided to take it to heart and just stay away.

The Vancouver blogging crowd is a cool bunch of people. They/we are a good mix of techies, PR folks and others. But when you add a couple of dozen PR and marketing people to that crowd, and combine it with presentations about marketing, well then it’s just not me any longer.

4. isabella mori - June 20, 2008

thanks for missing me, i feel to important 🙂

raul, you and tanya and a bunch of other people, you have turned the vancouver social media scene into one big party! with all my commitments – many of them family related – i just can’t keep up at all. however, i really regret having missed this one because it’s a topic that’s very close to me heart. oh well … good thing you wrote it all down for us!

5. My new home is at The Network Hub! « Random Thoughts of a Student of the Environment - November 20, 2008

[…] a long while now. They’ve been our gracious hosts and location sponsors at numerous events: Third Tuesday with Joe Solomon, the RMD Studio/JenTekk Solutions/PeerGlobe Solutions/Tazzu-organized, first ever WordCamp […]

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