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Restaurant review – Burgoo Bistro (Main Street) June 21, 2008

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Very few things in life are better than having dinner with one of my very best friends at a restaurant preceded by a solid reputation (I had raved about Burgoo Point Grey before). I had been eagerly anticipating the opening of Burgoo’s third location (very near to where I live). Located on Main and 15th, where the old Subway used to be, Burgoo boasts a huge patio. If I hadn’t been wearing dress slacks and a dress shirt, I would have probably enjoyed it even more, as it was sunny Saturday evening.

My first impression wasn’t all that good because the expected waiting time was close to a half-hour. Considering that I can eat at 10 amazing restaurants within a 10 block radius (and yes I know what I’m talking about because I live in the area and I’ve eaten at almost all of these restaurants!) without having to wait in line, I was a bit baffled by the wait. However, Burgoo staff earned several brownie points. First, they called me to inform me that they wouldn’t take reservations for less than 6 people. I found that element as a signal of good service. Whomever called me, she was very courteous and nice. As for the no-reservations, that’s ok, I can understand that. Even Toshi Sushi does it.

Second, they really sped up the process, and kept checking on us to see if they could seat us earlier, which was good as I was more than happy to go elsewhere (my very good friend LF is way more patient than I am). Finally, they were very accommodating with our requests, so I can’t complain. Certainly, the service was courteous and the staff were under a lot of pressure because this was opening weekend (they’ve only been open for 4 days). I did feel that the transition between the appetizer (Plait Francaise, with tapenade, pickled onions, cheese and grapes) and our main courses (a Thai chicken dish on rice and a Kentucky burgoo).

I am fairly confident that the staff will pick it up with time, because really, I only recognized one of the waitresses from Burgoo Point Grey, so I am pretty sure (given that I spoke with whom appeared to be one of the owners) that they were training new staff. Will I recommend Burgoo Bistro on Main Street? Yes. Will I go back soon? Not until the buzz and hoopla have calmed down. But I had a wonderful time, particularly with my friend LF. We had not had time for just us in a solid year. Nevertheless, we got a chance to catch up, discuss important topics, personal life matters, and even yak about my blog.

Of course, I am very grateful for having had such a great dinner with my friend LF, but even more so because she is always very honest with me, even when I am being a bit self-centered. Because, whether we like it or not, being a blogger is a tad self-absorbed — “here, read my thoughts on SO AND SO”. Although… I would like to believe that I am not a self-centered individual, more so self-centric 🙂

Overall, good times. Tomorrow morning I’m having a Raul morning all by lonesome followed with potentially “Get Smart” movie and dinner (not sure where – but potentially downtown). Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, because I sure am 🙂

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