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FireFox 3.0 and del.icio.us are incompatible :( June 24, 2008

Posted by Raul in geekifying myself, random thoughts.
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Everybody and their mother have been talking about FireFox 3.0, about how awesome it is, the page loads, etc. I would link to all of you guys (including many of my good awesome local blogger friends) but just about everybody has talked about the topic in one form or another, thus I’ll just assume it’s public knowledge – FireFox 3.0 has been downloaded a gazillion (I think 3 million) times and we are all happy.

Or at least, I was… until I found out that… FireFox 3.0 and del.icio.us 1.2.1 are INCOMPATIBLE. [UPDATE – Hat tips to Rebecca for the link to the proper site to download the del.icio.us extension – But I still want to rant about how I wasted time on this! — hehehe :)]

FireFox incompatible del.icio.us

FAIL. Despite the fact that, as Arieanna and others have properly pointed out, I am in virtually every Web 2.0 (sorry Trevor, I know you hate the phrase!) application, I didn’t have a del.icio.us account. So I couldn’t carry my bookmarks anywhere. This morning, I was going to bookmark the CIRA WHO-IS Privacy Policy website, and I thought to myself “this is stupid. I should just get myself a del.icio.us account and tag this stuff and have my bookmarks be portable” .

Delicious registration Raul

Well, as it turns out, the most recent version of FireFox and del.icio.us are incompatible, at least the latest versions. Oh, goodie! Now I have to bookmark my stuff manually. Of course, you could tell me “hey just install the bookmarklets“. True that, I can do that, but what’s the purpose of having an extension that doesn’t work? GRRRR. I’m annoyed.

FireFox incompatible del.icio.us

Ok. [/end rant]


1. Ianiv - June 24, 2008
2. Rebecca - June 24, 2008

Always check the versions of what you’re trying to install (make that your starting point). On the del.icio.us extension site you have in your screenshots it states: “Change log – Version 1.2 Updated for installation compatibility in Firefox 2.0”

3. Raul - June 25, 2008

@ Ianiv – It should in theory have worked for me the first time, but it wasn’t until I went to Mozilla’s site that I could fix it.

@ Rebecca – I know. I am always such a hummingbird. I should pay more attention 🙂

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