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The move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and self-hosting June 25, 2008

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My blog is looking nice and the header has been very well received. I blame social media superstar Rebecca Bollwitt for my wonderful new blog look, as she did a fantastic job with the header and the new layout, and the changes to the theme (only the ones that WP.com allows you).

The discussion has been around with some of my geeky friends (of which, as Tyler Ingram very properly said, I now have A LOT) and Karen Parker suggested that I ask around all of you geeks who read my blog (particularly those who are self-hosted and/or WordPress Jedi Masters) about suggestions for self-hosting. With the new theme re-design, the increase in readership, my interest in being able to manipulate my own CSS, use plug-ins, customize my side-bars, etc., it appears as though the move to self-hosted would seem rather imminent. Which is kind of too bad since I already paid for the domain mapping. But whatever.

In the mean-time, while I decide what to do for self-hosting, etc., I’ve decided that I am going “self-hosting light” (as aptly named by Rebecca). I am going to buy the customization of my CSS. It’s been decided. That’s the only way I can change the color scheme in my blog.

To be quite honest, I am really enjoying the process of re-designing my blog and having a lot of fun while sharing it with the blogosphere, particularly because I have found that geeks are such a friendly bunch (of which I am now a part of, at least as a partial-geek – because, please do remember – I DO MY OWN STUNTS), and everyone is always offering to help. I am very grateful and very blessed.

And now on to the question…suggestions on the move? I know that everyone (and I’m not mentioning you by name because you know who YOU are) has been gently pushing me towards self-hosting, and giving me advice on the matter. I still have a myriad of questions – suggest providers/hosts? 2.6? *HELP!* πŸ™‚ Or maybe I should just wait until WordCamp Fraser Valley and have this conversation after the event? At any rate, do feel free to drop a comment.



1. Andy Peatling - June 25, 2008

You can use your new domain name with a self hosted version of WordPress, you just have to change a few things around.. πŸ™‚

2. gusf - June 25, 2008

ahhhh ok I got all excited by reading the headline.

I was scared at first myself when I made the plung from WP.com to WP.org and self hosting. I still consider my move “light” as you call it, but I think it is way better for what I would like it to be.

3. Cecily - June 25, 2008

Dreamhost. I’ve been with them since 1999. I’ve been swayed by other companies with cheaper deals, but I alwlays go back to them – even after that heinous billing snafu from earlier this year.

If you decide to use them, tell them I sent you (ceekay)

4. Tyler Ingram - June 26, 2008

I’ve been using BlueFur’s Mini Unix Package (with a 15% discount code I pay $5.91/month) You can talk to Gary to find out more info though.

I have access to my own webservers here at work but with me looking for work else where I decided to move my blog to its own web host where it sits on a virtual host server.

My blog previously was all custom coded by me and i thought that since I was just rescripting all aspects of a WordPress blog that I might as well convert to WordPress. So I did, and then I moved to BlueFur and havn’t had any issues with them, it was quick and easy to set up and then I moved over my exported WordPress file (XML that stores posts, comments etc) and it was fairly easy.

Only thing I had to do was create my own WordPress theme because I never had one and I wanted to keep the look of my previous site. Whereas you I believe will be able to keep your current WordPress them and just move it over and then modify it to your liking.

Self-hosting I find gives your site a more personal feeling. It’s yours and no one else’s!

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