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Restaurant review – Delicados (Downtown) June 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in cheap eats, Downtown, drinks, friends.

To continue with our Mexican food rampage, Rebecca and I went to Delicados for dinner just before attending Third Tuesday. I headed down there early, and since we both were starving we figured we’d order right away. I ordered enchiladas, but committed the mistake of going SUPER HOT. She ordered a wrap.

Third Tuesday Vancouver Jun 17 2008

I was slightly surprised with the sunflower sprouts, but they were very tasty. The food is good for what it is (e.g. comfort food for lunch/early dinner). We were shocked to find out that Delicados closes at 6pm but I’m somehow not too surprised since it seems to cater to the lunch business crowd. The food is tasty and not all that expensive.

We had the pleasure of having Colleen and Ianiv join us for a bit, and afterwards we had a quick pint at Century. Which reminds me that I should have asked Ianiv and Arieanna to guest-blog-post their dinner experience at Century. The staff at Century have always been super, super nice, so I would figure that maybe the food is just as good.

Overall, Delicados is quick, inexpensive, Tex-Mex, filling and sort of a cheap bite. Not bad for what it is, definitely. But closing at 6pm? Not good in my books! 🙂

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1. Cecily - June 27, 2008

I really enjoy your food posts, Raul. What would make me enjoy them even more is if you would add the address of the places you visited, especially if the restaurants don’t have a web presence. I’m looking for good places to eat downtown, especially lunch places.

2. Raul - June 27, 2008

Hi Cecily,

Unfortunately UrbanSpoon hadn’t updated their listings so I didn’t know if they had the address. Most UrbanSpoon-linked places do have the address. Will try to update them soon. Enjoy your weekend!

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