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My love affair with Wimbledon June 27, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts.
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I’ve been playing tennis since I was a little kid, as both my Mom and Dad were big tennis fans. I remember that my Dad wanted to teach me how to hit a single-handed backhand, but I adopted a two-handed backhand (which to this day is still my strongest stroke). I have managed, with time, to hit a single-handed top-spin backhand, but I still slice it two-handed.

Growing up watching the tapes of epic Wimbledon finals of Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova, and Bjorn Borg vs. Jimmy Connors, I always wanted to be there. The word “Wimbledon” evoked an exhilarating sensation of triumph and success. So when I decided to undertake some of my graduate work in Great Britain, I said to myself – “Raul, you HAVE to go to Wimbledon. Even if just to see it from the outside. Even if you can’t really attend a game. Just do it.”

So I did. One weekend, I took the train to London and managed to traverse the somewhat complicated tube train system. It was a sunny summer day, actually I think the Championships were on. I walked towards the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, enjoying the sun. It felt like bliss. I managed to score a visit to the Museum. Finally, I was in Wimbledon! While definitely not playing, I still had fulfilled my dream of being on site, where these epic battles had taken place.

Just this week, one of my nieces won her very first tennis tournament. She is a phenomenal tennis player and I am sure she’ll do great. I don’t know if she’ll ever play in Wimbledon, it would be awesome if she did, but the most important thing I want her to know and remember is that I will love her regardless of whether she wins or loses. Tennis is just one facet of her life, as it was only one of the facets of mine.

I am still in love with Wimbledon, and I always will. That’s probably why I was so happy when the 2004 movie “Wimbledon” came out. For your viewing pleasure, the trailer.



1. Jen - June 27, 2008

I’ve always loved watching Wimbeldon too. It’s so intense.I wanted to be a tennis player when I was a little girl because I thought that Stefi Graff was so cool and I wanted to be just like her! hehe
(Also a huge fan of the movie!)

P.S.Raul, your new layout looks amazing! 🙂

2. teflonjedi - June 28, 2008

My favourite Wimbledon moment was the Pat Cash victory over Ivan Lendl. Good times!

…and I am a fan of the movie.

3. NPA - June 28, 2008

Tio me encanto tu articulo de Wimbledon. y muchas gracias por lo que pusiste (creo que no lo escribi bien) gracias um te enviare un e-mail. te quiero mucho


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