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WordCamp Fraser Valley and coffee/snack sponsorship June 27, 2008

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On July 16th, 2008, a number of local, Metro Vancouver bloggers who use WordPress as their main platform will be descending on Langley’s The Cascade Casino (no, we are NOT gambling, just in case you were wondering) to present at WordCamp Fraser Valley, and according to the most recent update from BlueFur, they’re already at 33% capacity (and it’s not even July) so be sure to register, PRONTO!

At any rate, I found out that Gary Jones is looking for coffee and snacks sponsorships. Given that I work in the environmental field, ideally I’d like to see a reduced environmental footprint. One idea would be to contact local, environmentally-conscious producers to see if we can get some type of sponsorship (e.g. organic vegetable platters, or organic, ethically-traded coffee). I’ll see what we can do – I am sure amongst my readers there must be people who work in environmental issues and the food industry, so if you do (or know of someone), drop me a comment or send me an email.



1. Matthew Collinge - June 27, 2008

You are not gambling? Why not?

I don’t think I can help with the food, but I’ll keep an eye, or ear, out for someone.

2. Karen - June 28, 2008

I saw the badge about your speaking and wondered what it was. It’s as good a reason to go all the way out to Langley, I suppose, though I may need a carpool or a good book for transit depending on how long it takes me to get out there from downtown!

That said, for local food sponsorship, perhaps one of the farms in the Township of Langley Circle Farm Tours will be interested: http://circlefarmtour.com/index.php?page_id=21

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