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My Nerd Score = 99 June 30, 2008

Posted by Raul in geekifying myself, random thoughts.
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Which technically means, I’m an Ultra Nerd. Hat tips to Dr. Beth Snow (I was browsing her “geek” category archives and came across this test).

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Now, you know you want to tell me – how nerdy are you?


1. colleen - June 30, 2008

25. my score was 25. clearly i’m cooler than i am nerdy.

2. Gus - June 30, 2008

LOL I scored 83.

3. isabella mori - July 1, 2008

oops, i got a score of 85, high level nerd. hm. didn’t expect that. i mean, they didn’t even ask me about the time when i started crying with happiness when my philosophy teacher talked about non-euclidian math … 🙂

4. Marina - July 2, 2008

78. Surprisingly lower than I expected. I guess I’m not as familiar with the periodic table as I had originally guessed…. 🙂

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