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No more caffeine for me June 30, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts.
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While having one of perhaps the most relaxed afternoons of my recent life with my friend Arjana, we were talking about my recent fainting spell and the recurring migraines. This morning, I woke up at a reasonable good time, after sleeping a solid 8 hours. I begun my work day with a cup of coffee as I would normally do, and less than 20 minutes later, I had a headache.

A blinding, head-shattering, “I need a nap right now and some analgesics” kind of headache. I just woke up from said nap, a few hours behind in my work. Knowing me, I took this as a controlled experiment. I re-read notes of the latest instances of caffeine intake and how my head felt. Strongly associated. Lots of coffee = headache/migraine. *sigh* That’s too bad as I *love* good coffee. But if I want to be able to work well, I’ll have to switch to non-caffeinated drinks. Good bye, iced mocha 😦



1. kulpreet singh - June 30, 2008

Good decision! Wish you all the best with it.

2. Teresa - June 30, 2008

I also can’t drink coffee without that happening. I drink tea which gives you the warm drink fix that you need with some caffeine too. I find that I can have an iced mocha (like yesterday) occasionally without any consequences. Also, a fruit juice in the morning with lots of vitamin C has as much ‘wake up’ effect as the coffee since vitamin C has the same effect.

3. Phaedra - July 1, 2008

I also had to give up coffee due to health issues. Iactually have more energy, and feel better. I allow myself a coffee beverage about once a month with no consequences. I am digging herbal tea, and some green tea. This coffee fanatic is now reformed. I have a nice selection of organic, fair trade herbal tea if you would like to do a taste test sometime.

4. Megan - July 7, 2008

Good luck on your decision to be caffeine free!
I’ve been suffering from headaches for the past year-and after reading your post and contemplating my own coffee drinking habits-I do seem to get headaches on days (or days after) I drink a lot of coffee. Looks like I’ll be saying goodbye to that morning cup!

If you need a cold summer drink, I usually try for iced green tea. It’s no iced mocha, but it’s very refreshing on a hot day.

5. Raul - July 7, 2008

Thanks all for chiming. This is one week after the no-caffeine decision for me, and I have to report that except for a minor caffeine intake (chocolate), I have been not feeling any headaches. So, it is a done deal… no caffeine for me 🙂

I’m hoping this post will help other people who have shown similar symptoms to me. I’m not a physician but this is how I felt.

6. Megan - July 7, 2008

How do you find the caffeine amounts in tea? Do they produce the same effect on you? I’m contemplating if I should just restrict myself to herbal tea or not.

Glad to hear your headaches have let up!

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