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The good and the bad of family success July 2, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts.

Every summer, my Mom (who is a professor of Political Science) makes an extra-especial effort and takes some time off (normally a month) to come and visit me (and my brother, of course). Recently, she told me the good news that she was now a Dean of Social Sciences at her university/faculty/school. The bad news is that this new job implies added responsibilities, and thus she is unable to come to Vancouver to visit me. Which totally has me bummed.

Even though my apartment is really small, and sometimes I’m up to my eye-balls with work, I make a point of making time and spend a couple of weeks just spoiling her rotten. Mom and I are really best friends, and I always enjoy her company. She’s taught me a lot of new recipes and there are few things I don’t tell my Mom.

I am particularly bummed because many of my blogosphere friends were looking forward to meeting her, and I was really looking forward to showing her off. My mother is a really amazing woman who has fought adversity in a myriad of ways and has never given up. Even when I didn’t believe in myself, she believed in me.



1. Phaedra - July 3, 2008

Sorry to hear that your mom isn’t able to make it at this time….

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