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Bloggers and geeks as superheroes July 3, 2008

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While having early dinner with Isabella a couple of weeks ago, we were discussing Vancouver Blogger Meetup business and we switched to the topic of metaphors. I have before discussed the distinction I make of bloggers and civilians, because in my mind I see that we as bloggers (and geeks) have a certain power that we ought to harness for the good of humanity (civilians).

While it remains true that I blog primarily for myself and for my own entertainment. I blog sometimes to provide entertainment to others (my friends, on and off the blogosphere, and in general, my readers). But mostly (and I am now more and more convinced after having immersed myself in the blogging for social change and sustainability sub-community), I think that my blog can be a tool for social change. I also believe that I can be an agent of change. That’s one of the things I aspire to do. I told this to Tom at SteakCamp, being able to unleash the power of Web 2.0 and help enhance the reputation of a tiny little East Side restaurant was one of the primary reasons why I answered Buzz’s challenge.

Isabella and I had a really nice and long discussion on our roles as superhero bloggers, and our mission to help the society in which we are immersed. Along the same lines, we all have our superhero weakness, our kryptonite. In my case, the same thing that makes me powerful (my inner drive, my enthusiasm and energy, the speed at which I read, type, learn and understand) is what makes me weak (when I over-extend and push myself beyond my limits). It’s all about the balance, I think. I work hard and play hard.

This is partially a serious reflection and a funny tidbit that should tide me over to the next reflective post about myself. I also would like to follow up on the geek t-shirts and show you the one I found reflects exactly how I see myself as a blogger.

hero geek t-shirt

Photo credit: All rights reserved by Think Geek


Now, if YOU were to think of yourself as a superhero, who would you be or what would you say is your superpower? Bear in mind that not only bloggers could be superheroes, civilians can also have their secret identity 😉



1. Robert - July 3, 2008

I certainly agree that something significant is happening here. I don’t know about the heroics, but there is a new kind of community developing — or nodes of communities. Politicians serve for a term, but people vote every day for the blogs and sites they like… simply by reading, and accidentally leaving the record of their visit in the log file. Those that resonate with a lot of people achieve more readership. Does that make them heroes? A blog may not have many readers, but may serve a niche. Maybe the determination of the blogger to continue posting makes that person a hero. Much of this is being archived, and therefore is contributing to the historical record of our time.

I am also impressed that more and more I see people willing to reveal their true identity. There was a fear of doing this in the early days of forums and other community sites. I think this helps to build real communities.

BTW, as a ‘student of the environment’ I thought you enjoy a couple of bloggers who are amazing in their ability to talk the talk, and whose lives show that they really do walk the walk. Their real names are at their sites.
Burning Silo
Chilcotin Ark

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