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Events in Vancouver roundup – Week of June 23 July 4, 2008

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One of the reasons why I get so tired (physically and mentally) is because I try to do a lot. Beth Snow said it perfectly, indicating that I do 17 things a day. So I decided that to keep my sanity, I’m just going to do ONE roundup post for what I got up to this past week.


Great turn-out, more than I expected. Thanks everyone who showed up. My restaurant review of The Brave Bull is here, Karen’s review is here, Buzz’s review on the 24 Hrs is here and link-love on his review of BabyEats is here and the Unofficial The Brave Bull page is here… Thanks everyone for coming! 😀



Nancy, Carol, David, Monica and I got together for a mockup (dry run) just to get a feel of the place. You can read the comments on the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup site. I like the Blackwater Cafe and am a big supporter of locally-owned, organic businesses. I vote that we stay there for at least the summer/early autumn.



I had the pleasure of attending, at the invitation of Candice Spektor from Our Faves Toronto, a nice small gathering of friends at SoMa (the former coffee shop now transformed into upscale, hip restaurant/bar). I had a great time, and had the pleasure of meeting lots of fun people, including Ryan (who right now is technically a friend of mine, given that he is friends with Ianiv and Jarrett) and of course, brief appearances by Karen and Lisa (both of whom Candace also invited to the event). Thanks to Candice for inviting me and for a wonderful time. I’ll be getting involved with OurFaves for sure!


Too many friends from the social media world for me to list here, I made an appearance even though by Wednesday I was physically exhausted. Great work by Colleen Coplick, Lisa Thomas-Tench, Tris Hussey in the organization (Colleen, it was a blast! – thank you). Great conversation about all-around bloggery AND Japan with Heather (aka Hez). Good times all around with the usual crowd (Rebecca, Monica, Boris, John, Ianiv, Arieanna, Jenn, Nadia, Dave O, Jordan, all my usual peeps) though we missed some of you who didn’t come (you know who you are!)


Invited by Christy and Dave O from HappyFrog.ca to guest-blog for them, I admit that I arrived late to the WEBIA Sustainability Expo, but managed to still speak with the Executive Director of WEBIA and the organizers. Having already some connections with the people in the sustainability field, I know that I can give you all some insight into what was going on there (posts to come throughout the week).


I didn’t go even though I wanted to, but Andrew Morrison from Urban Diner did and he offers a quick recap. Since I’m all about the link love, go visit his recap and then come back! I did go to Moderne Burger this week, but restaurant review is still forthcoming.

As for my weekend? For the first time in a long while here at Random Thoughts of a Student of the Environment, I am NOT going to recap my weekend. I am going to take a good break, which I think I do deserve. We’ll be chatting more soon.

[UPDATE – Rebecca will be liveblogging on Monday and Tuesday at the Vancouver Young Professionals Meetup AND NetTuesday – check her blog for updates on both events!]



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