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Shaktea – The best teahouse in Vancouver! July 5, 2008

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I am not precisely a tea connoisseur but my friend Phaedra definitely is one. So when she agreed to meet me for tea on Main Street, I was really pleased because (a) I got to hang out with a very good friend of mine, whose presence always calms me down and provides me with a lot of soul comfort and (b) because I don’t recall I had ever been to Shaktea before, thus it was a new and wonderful experience.


Ever since my recent departure from the ranks of caffeine-addicts, my headaches have nearly disappeared and therefore, I am growing fonder of tea. Over Twitter, I asked a few questions in regards to tea and whether I could drink any tea without getting headaches again (due to caffeine content). A lot of people offered sugestions, such as drinking decaffeinated tea, yerba mate.

One thing I didn’t know (and that I learned at Shaktea, thanks to Tanya the owner) is that you can drink rooibos tea and it doesn’t have caffeine. Since rooibos is pretty much my favorite kind of tea, that suits me very well. As you can see below, you can sample all sorts of tea.


The tea service per person is around $ 4.00 which I find very inexpensive, and on top of that, Tanya will provide you with lots of little tips on how to make the best of your tea experience (something I haven’t found in other tea places around Vancouver).


The art on the walls of Shaktea is (currently) paintings by Tanya’s 14 yr old daughter, and as you can see, it’s pretty nice. I like the place a lot, if it wasn’t all the way down by Main and 21st, I probably would organize the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup there (many bloggers seem to be a bit too attached to downtown). One thing I didn’t ask Tanya was whether they had wireless. But frankly, you don’t really want to come here to sit with one cup of tea and geek out (there’s a Bean Around the World one block north for that!).


This is a place where you want to come with your friends and enjoy a very nice cup of tea and maybe a delectable dessert like the one Phaedra and I shared. Another thing (and you should write down the 17th of July on your calendars) is that Tanya organizes lots of events, tea workshops, and activities at Shaktea. The 17th is a special event, that I can advertise more when she emails me the details. As she indicated “since we have no life since starting the tea place, we bring the life here“, which I find is a really good philosophy.

Phaedra has a really nice review of Shaktea on her blog, so head over there and check it out! And you can check the rest of my Flickr photos of the place here.

[NOTE – Sorry, I just realized some of my photos were blurry. Ooops. They don’t do justice to Shaktea, it’s a really really nice place]



1. isabella mori - July 5, 2008

shaktea is a great place, isn’t it? i discovered it a few weeks after they opened.

what other sorts of teas have you discovered, besides rooibos?

2. Phaedra - July 7, 2008

we have to go again for sure!

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