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Happy birthday Jordan! July 7, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends, personal life.

I seriously need to just do a calendar with all of my friends’ birthdays. I miss a lot of them because I am not on Facebook (if you could DM, email me or @ me your birthday, that’d be awesome – that way I can ensure I don’t miss the chance of saying happy birthday!). Anyways, while I just recently met Jordan in real life (IRL) I had read his blog since ages ago.

Jordan has given me some good advice about my blog, including some substantial changes to the header (which Rebecca kindly incorporated). Every time I chat with Jordan I learn something new and that’s pretty amazing. And besides, he and his lovely wife were recently blessed with their firstborn. So, Jordan – congratulations, happy birthday and see you at next event. All the best!


1. Jordan - July 7, 2008

Thanks Raul, it’s been good to get to know you, too!

2. Beth - July 7, 2008

Just get on Facebook already, Dr. Raul! =)

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