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Restaurant review – Moderne Burger (Kitsilano) July 7, 2008

Posted by Raul in dining out, friends, Kitsilano, Vancouver.
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Everybody has been asking me when my Moderne Burger review is coming out, ever since I announced that it was re-opening at the end of June 2008. So, I must say that …. Yes, it looks like a 50’s diner. Yes, it is beautiful inside, super clean, and not a single detail has been spared. Yes, it looks gorgeous. Yes, the staff are super friendly and absolutely deserve a praise. Yes, the waitress was EXTREMELY sweet and really good with our order. Yes, the owner came to apologize for the delay in serving our order (no worries, we were just chatting, so neither of us really did mind). Yes, I had a wonderful time catching up with Andy while having lunch at Moderne Burger. But… did Moderne Burger live to the hype?

Moderne Burger

I am sorry to say that um… no. It IS still a REALLY GOOD burger. But for all the hype, I seriously expected like, THE BEST BURGER ON THE PLANET. I consider myself a burger fanatic. I worship good burger joints. Since the demise of Sodas Diner and its transformation into The Dunbar, and given that some of my friends aren’t all that crazy about the Red Onion, I have been on a hunt for THE BEST BURGER IN VANCOUVER.

Moderne Burger

Sadly, I wouldn’t say that it was Moderne Burger’s. That being said, I have to admit. I really liked the burger, and the fries, but I would say that it wasn’t something to write my Mom (who lives 6,000 miles away) home about. One thing that is slightly annoying is to have to pay cash only, but that’s just a minor detail. However, I still prefer Splitz (on Main and 26th) to Moderne Burger. I’M SORRY! (I know I’m going to be excommunicated!)

Moderne Burger

I am fully aware that Moderne Burger is an institution in Kitsilano, that they really did a fantastic job of renovating, that everyone was really nice and kind to us while we were there, and that the food is good. It’s just that, again, as I mentioned in my review of the Sunshine Diner, I wouldn’t travel here for a good burger. I have Splitz literally eight blocks away from my house, why would I want to come all the way here (except, as I did this time, to meet a friend for lunch, enroute to my office, and to do a restaurant review of a burger joint that has long been praised as an institution in Vancouver). But again, if you are a Kitsilano (or nearby locations) resident, by all means, come down to Moderne Burger! Even if just to say you’ve eaten there. And again, the food is definitely not bad 😀

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1. Raquel - July 7, 2008

Hola Raul!

I started reading your blog again! and since the beginning in this new page. I have had an awesome time reading your reviews especialmente.
A big hug!!

2. Beth - July 7, 2008

I still can’t believe you like Soda’s. Soda’s was mediocre-tastic, at best.

I do quite like the Red Onion (well, I’ve only been there once, but I liked it). And I have a friend coming to town that I have to take to Moderne since on two previous trips I have tried to take and been foiled in both cases.

3. Tawcan - July 7, 2008

Interesting, I really liked Modern Burger when I went there 3 or 4 years ago. Maybe I’ll drop by there someday and check it out again.

4. Raul - July 7, 2008

@ Raquel – Welcome back!

@ Beth – As we agreed – Splitz rules 😉

@ Tawcan – Drop by there and let me know. I don’t know if I was too harsh in my review. I wasn’t impressed, that’s all.

5. melaniea - July 10, 2008

Did it really just re-open??

I loved that place. Stopped in there once for an emergency milkshake while I was pregnant, and found out that our infant carrier was too big to fit in the booths when the little guy was just a couple of weeks old.

Glad to know it is open again. I’ll have to give it a try. I wonder if I could convince hubby to drive by on our way back from YVR?? 😉

6. Raul - July 11, 2008

@ Melanie A – Yes, it just did 🙂

7. melaniea - July 11, 2008

It’s amazing how a restaurant can stay closed for so long (and this is the second time for Moderne Burger!) and yet pick up where it left off. I’ll be glad to give it another try when I get back!

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