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Restaurant review – Sunshine Diner (Kitsilano) July 7, 2008

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Knowing myself and how structured a life I have, it’s kind of funny to see myself responding positively to last-minute, “hey Raul are you doing anything right now? Let’s do breakfast/do lunch/have coffee/have drinks/go for a drive/shopping RIGHT NOW” kind of phrases 🙂 Structure, people, structure! My best friend is chocolate, but my second-best is my Google Calendar. However, I never let the opportunity to spend time with a good friend slip away, and everyone who knows me, knows that I’ll pretty much always say yes if I have the time and the opportunity arises to hang out.

Thus, earlier this past week, when my good friend LiB (I now have three LBs in my life, so this is a way to identify her without revealing any personal information) said on MSN “hey Raul, let’s do breakfast, I got an appointment later“, I just simply had to say yes. Ever since I moved from Kitsilano, I haven’t been back for food in a long while, despite the fact that MANY of my good friends live in Kits.

Anyways, when LiB suggested breakfast, I said “ok, let’s do Sunshine Diner. I haven’t been there in a long while, and it’s due for a restaurant review“. Got ready really quickly and headed down to meet her. Good times. We really enjoy our time together and we hadn’t caught up in AGES, so it was just nice to just hang out, eat good food and catch up.

The brunch, you ask? Hmmm… It was good. Nothing unexpected. The Sunshine Diner is good for comfort food, although the service is sometimes slightly suspect. I am not one to complain, though. The waitresses seemed to recognize me, because at the beginning they were slightly stand-offish and then they were really friendly.

While the breakfast food itself was good, it wasn’t something to write home about either (I don’t know if it is that I simply have tried way too many brunch restaurants already and I am definitely sold on The Nice Cafe and Crave). I have been disappointed with brunch food lately, with the exception of the spots I mention above. Not sure why that is.

I often ask my friends to tell me what they think of the food when we go out. I asked LiB what she thought and she mentioned it was good, but it wasn’t something, super special. I had a similar reaction later in the week with Andy at Moderne Burger. Good food, yeah – but nothing really to write home about. *sigh* Again, I am not saying Sunshine Diner is bad. It’s not, it’s good food. I just don’t think I’m going to travel all the way from Main to Kits in order for me to have breakfast here. But if you are a Kitsilano regular, and come down often, the Sunshine Diner is definitely one of the spots to check out.

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