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Vancouver Young Professionals and Real Estate Tech Meetup recap July 7, 2008

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Demonstrating that everyone can (and should) access technology, the Vancouver Real Estate Tech Meetup (combined this time with the Vancouver Young Professionals Meetup) gave me a really good overview of how real estate professionals are harnessing the power of Web 2.0. It was also very nice and refreshing to see young Vancouver professionals who attended the meetup as well.

Steve Jagger invited both Rebecca (who is liveblogging) and myself to attend this event. While I had decided that I wasn’t going to attend that many events, I figured this would be one that would be fitting, and besides, I was very productive (in regards to my own work) today, so I don’t mind at all attending. I am actually quite glad that Steve invited me because I had a chance to attend Scott Humphrey’s seminar (Scott is a Peak Performance Strategist w/ Tony Robbins), network, socialize AND learn more about myself.

Real Estate Meetup and Young Professionals Meetup

Steve Jagger and Scott Humphrey.

Real Estate Meetup

Some of the participants in the meeting

Some insights I gained from Scott’s talk.

Success without fulfillment is a failure. I completely agree with Scott. We should look at our lives and, if we’re not getting the results, we should ask WHY (instead of mulling over and trying to feel “pumped” about change, but not actually engaging in it).

The interactive workshop is targeted towards helping the participants learn more about themselves and how they can achieve peak performance through some strategic thinking.

Three types of fears:
– Fear of success
– Fear of failure
– Fear of unknown

Your beliefs and patterns are what determines your performance (and your future). I completely agree with Scott on this statement. What is holding you back?

R (Results)

What type of belief (B) do we need to achieve R (result)?

When people make excuses about why they don’t get the results they want – maybe they had the wrong beliefs.

What is really impossible in your life? Nothing, really. You need to get out and take action.

1) You have to change your focus.
2) Motion creates emotion.

Leaders DO take action!

Here is the facts – you need to get good results, to get outstanding results, you need outstanding results.


The meetup went really well, atendees were very friendly, Scott is a great speaker and the concepts he was putting forward apply to anyone who wants to grow. Some of his insights were very relevant to what I want to do moving forth. Scott was very motivating and his energy was outstanding.

The only very minor little glitch I saw in the Meetup was that the music volume in neighbouring floors/rooms was a tad too loud. I really enjoyed Scott’s talk and it would have been even stronger without the other room’s music. But the seminar itself (interactive workshop) was outstanding. Way to go, Steve! Good job in the organization of this meetup, and great decision bringing Scott to talk. And of course, thanks for inviting me to come, in the first place.

Steve commented that this could be a potential location for Third Tuesday and I agree, it would TOTALLY fit, the only problem I see is that we would probably have to ask the speaker to speak out, but that’s quite alright. They have WiFi here at Ceili’s. I’ll recommend it to Tanya, and I know Steve said he’d put a good word in for us. This seems like a good possibility.



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Thanks for coming Raul.
Great to see you again.

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