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Vancouver NetTuesday – NetSquared – Podcasting for Change Panel July 8, 2008

Posted by Raul in Vancouver.
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We got to WorkSpace early in order to set up our laptops and equipment. I brought my Flip and my digital camera, prepared to do some live-blogging but then my laptop started to fail, and after a while, it came back online. To be quite honest, I don’t think I could have done a liveblog of the NetTuesday for July, “Podcasting for Change” with John Bollwitt, Roland Tanglao, Rob Cottingham and Dave Thorvald Olson. My brain is just too scattered and it’s too much information. But Rebecca has done a great liveblogging job so you can read her notes.

I really enjoyed the fact that the panel was really a conversation. Dave was a great speaker AND a fantastic moderator. Rob, John, Roland and DaveO are really knowledgeable about podcasting and it was a very interactive session. I did a quick video with my Flip camera, but I’m not sure if WordPress.com will allow me to post it. But since this is about podcasting (and to some extent it could be about “video podcasting” or vlogging, here is an attempt).

[UPDATE – For some reason, WordPress is not allowing me to upload videos, neither from Flickr nor from YouTube – if you want to see the video you can check my Flickr account or my YouTube account]


1. Erika Rathje - July 8, 2008

Ah, Dave is so great! I watched your YouTube video and didn’t understand half of the technical jargon but I suspect it wouldn’t matter because he’s so entertaining. (Thanks for introducing us. I later realised he had posted a comment on my blog ages ago but I didn’t clue in that it was him. Anyhoo.) This is the first NetTuesday I’ve missed, because I’m not into podcasting and haven’t got the lingo, but I’m sure we’ll see each other at the next one. Any more familiar faces there?

2. robcottingham - July 9, 2008

It was great finally meeting you, Raul – and thanks for all the photos and video clip!

3. Raul - July 10, 2008

@ Erika – Well, yeah – Jonathon Narvey, Monica Hamburg, lots of familiar faces 🙂

@ Rob – likewise! 🙂

4. Happy Birthday Dave Thorvald Olson! « Random Thoughts of a Student of the Environment - August 16, 2008

[…] Dave invited me to be a guest blogger on HappyFrog, a FrogSquadder. Dave has provided me with much needed sage advice and comfort words when I’ve been down and wanted to quit blogging. And it has been Dave who has always encouraged me to branch out, become a podcaster as well, etc. He has connected me to many social media for social change folks. One of his most inspiring roles as a moderator really had me at “f!ck stats, make art!”“. […]

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