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Quick headache post July 9, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I had a really well-thought-out post about the iPhone and the public policy implications, and a restaurant review forthcoming, and to be truthful, I can’t really polish the iPhone post until my headache subsides. I felt really guilty about Twittering about it because lots of people were offering very helpful suggestions, but with the number of followers I have, I feel like I am Twitter-spamming them with my troubles. So, in short summary – I gave up on caffeine a week and a half ago, I’ve consumed small quantities (one normal Coca-Cola this week, and half a chocolate bar last night) but not directly from coffee. I’ve noticed that my headaches subside.

Last night I had a phone conversation with my Mom, whom I adore and who is pretty much my best friend, and we had disagreements (which were very quickly resolved), but after the conversation, I started getting what I call the blinding, head-shattering, mind-numbing headache. After the Twitter conversations of this morning, I’ve tried cold water (which I know works with my headaches), 3 Tylenol 3 and that’s all because I don’t have a pharmacy near my house and I don’t have my Tylenol Headache nor have I tried Blue Advil.

I decided to try to nap, and that didn’t help either. So, in short summary, I still have a headache and don’t have the brain power to revise my iPhone and public policy post, the rest of the posts I’ve got coming up are already time-stamped so I doubt I’ll be close to my computer for the next few hours.

That’s the quick and dirty of how I’m doing today.



1. Jeremy Latham - July 9, 2008

Sorry to hear that you’ve got such a bad headache Raul. I’ve found that Advil (ibuprofen) works best on headaches and tooth pain for me. But I don’t suffer from migraines so I may not be the best person to ask.

If you’ve been taking 3x T3s you’ve had a decent dose of caffeine – about the same as a cup of espresso.

Why did you give up coffee?

Hope you feel better.

2. Flash - July 9, 2008

Also sorry to hear your not feeling well.

Jeremy makes a good point; T3’s have caffeine. While my wife can handle caffeine in her coffee and such, she always found that T3’s burned her stomach. For years she thought she was allergy to Tylenol, but our current doctor told her it was likely the caffeine in the T3’s and introduced her to Emtec’s. They are the same things at T3’s but without the caffeine (so it just consists of the equivalent dose of acetaminophen and codeine). It solved the problem for her, but we have found that we have had to educate other medical professionals as to what Emtec is when they wanted to prescribe her T3’s. If you truly think caffeine is the major cause of your headaches, start asking for Emtec from your doctor instead.

3. Teresa - July 9, 2008

On the advise of my migraine specialist neurologist I take the extra strength liquid advil and it helps take the edge off my migraines. Most migraines are due to an inflammatory process so an anti-inflammatory usually helps. However, I have yet to find anything that will make it totally go away, just makes it more manageable. Hope you feel better soon.

4. Karen - July 9, 2008

I’ve heard some news into co-enzyme Q10 helping with migraines. http://headaches.about.com/cs/prevention/a/coq10_prev.htm (That’s not where I read it, but that’s what I’ve found mentioning it)

Maybe Athena is trying to get out of your head. 🙂

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