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Restaurant review – Bridges (Granville Island) July 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in dining out, drinks, False Creek, Granville Island.
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Without a doubt, Bridges manages to offer the best mojito I’ve ever had in Vancouver. Sweet, tasty, well muddled. Everything is perfect. Moreover, it offers some of the best food I’ve had in all my time here. I had been to Bridges before, but this past weekend, with my brother’s visit, he suggested that we go for lunch to Granville Island, which to me is always a great proposition for lots of fun and great food, and an amazing view.

Granv Is &  Bridges

I wasn’t disappointed in Bridges. It is still one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. The service was very prompt (and a tad too friendly, I would say but that’s ok, I don’t mind). We ordered ceviche and a dipper platter which should have been more than enough for lunch, but I was way hungry and we finished it off rather quickly. Loved the tzatziki and the hummus, and of course, the ceviche wasn’t 100% authentic like what I would expect, but it wasn’t bad at all.

Granv Is &  Bridges

The main course I chose, a smoked salmon burger, was very good but I couldn’t finish it off. Perhaps I should have ordered a different dish, but frankly, this is a West Coast restaurant and it should provide a good salmon burger. That, they do. I was slightly surprised at how many staff members they had, but it seemed like they were having a good time.
finished it rather fast.

Granv Is &  Bridges

The prices are in the higher-end-ish scale, but I really don’t think it’s too much of an issue, because really, I would only come to Bridges for a celebration or for a meal that is somewhat significant. A main course can go anywhere from $25 to about $35-$40 (which is not all that unreasonable for the kind of place that Bridges is).

Granv Is &  Bridges

The food was amazing, the company was outstanding, and I had a great time. I *will* be coming back to Bridges, for sure. This is one of the best restaurants I’ve tried in a long while.

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1. Keira-Anne - July 10, 2008

Sounds fantastic. You had me at “best mojito.” That’s a place I for sure need to check out.

2. ddrucker - July 11, 2008

I’ve been looking for a place that serves a good mojito. Who knew it was a short walk from our place?!

Next time you are there and indulging in one of those, let me know. If I’m home, I’ll be there in a flash.

3. Raul - July 12, 2008

@ Keira-Anne – it REALLY does a great mojito

@ David – For sure! We should totally do that!

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